Adventure #3: bean bags and tube rides.

26 02 2011

Afternoon all on this grey and rainy Saturday afternoon. Apologies for being so quiet lately, nothing super exciting has happened to share with you since my holiday, except a few rather embarrassing moments, which I thought you might like to hear.

Most of February has been taken up with my new job. I’ve settled in well (I hope!) and I’m really really enjoying it. Lots of lovely people, and it’s busy busy, so I feel like I’m back to my normal self. Working for a digital agency now, I headed off to my first social media conference, where I was ready to absorb all the social media secrets of the industry, and hear all about how Facebook & Twitter are one step nearer to taking over the world. The conference was only down the road from the office, and I like to walk from A to B in London (you know, breathe in the fresh fumey air and see the sights), but I left way too late, and ended up virtually running the 15 minute walk to Covent Garden. It was a very very windy day, and I was wearing a very very floaty dress, and if there were anymore Marilyn moments I would have been arrested for indecent exposure.

Anyway, I arrived with seconds to spare, windswept and out of breathe. “Don’t worry!” said the girl in killer red heels, supporting a pearly white smile and chic designer glasses, “you’re just in time, unfortunately there’s only bean bags left at the front, have a nice time!” “I’m sorry, did you just say, bean bags?” No time for questions as the lights dimmed and I scuttled down the aisle to the front, to find (to my horror) a neat little row of leather bean bags… Have you ever tried to sit through a 2 hour conference on a bean bag wearing a fairly short dress? Not only had I flashed half of London on the way there, I was now at serious risk of flashing the poor unsuspecting speakers lined up to share their trade secrets with us. Uh-oh.

The next couple of hours were spent locking my legs together and trying to look relaxed and comfortable. The best part was trying to get out of the bloody thing. Flash back to the Friends episode where Fat-Monica gets stuck in the bean bag… Even Jordan, drunk, with a short skirt and no pants on, getting out of a pink limo, would have looked more classy than me trying to get up. Only in marketing could you have ‘we’re so cool and relaxed we can chill out on bean bag’ seating at a conference. Oh marketing, how I’ve missed you so. It’s safe to say, I didn’t hang around for the post-conference drinks, not so much small talk to be made after flashing half your peers.

One final embarrassing moment to share with you… I’ve often laughed at people who fall over on the tube, or who stumble into someone, and think, serves you right for not holding on! But from now on, I’ll never laugh at any of these unfortunate incidents again, as I think I may have experienced the vengeful powers of Karma. I jumped onto the tube as the doors were closing on Friday morning at Elephant & Castle, slightly sleepy, but jolly as it was Friday (my favourite day of the week). As I arrived at my chosen seat, there was a Sport magazine on it, so I leant down to remove it before I sat down. This was at the exact moment the tube decided to pull away, sending me flying down the aisle. What felt like a million moments later, I promptly landed in the lap of an unsuspecting male commuter. My boyfriend can’t even give me a piggy back without cracking a few vertebrae, so let’s just say this poor bloke got a bit of shock. Whilst apologising profusely, trying to lever myself out of his lap, I proceeded to stamp on his foot, crumple his work papers he was reading, and spill my coffee on his very nice Mulberry-man-bag. The only way to recover from this hideous moment, was to get off at the next stop and wait for the next tube. I was late for work, but my dignity was mostly in tact.

On a final less embarrassing note, my boyfriend and I have decided to get an actual hamster! So, next blog I can introduce you! I’m hoping to get one that I can teach French, and go to Pilates with. Do you think I can get one at Harvey Nicks?




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27 02 2011

Hamsters are evil. I’d get a rat!

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