Welcome to a page purely dedicated to the things the hamster loves. This could be anything from a restaurant, to a band, or even a new dress. This is just a little place to share the love. Don’t forget to let me know what you love this month!

Loves for March…

1) War Horse (the book)

One of my favourite books of all time, reread recently and fell in love with it all over again. Written from the perspective of Joey the horse, it’s like Black Beauty for adults. Heart breaking and warming all at the same time, a short read you’ll whistle through not to be missed. Now where’s my copy I want to read it again!


2) Birthdays!

March is the month of birthdays! Including mine, and most of my family and close friends, a time to spoil your loved ones rotten, and a brilliant excuse to get together. It’s also a brilliant excuse to get baking! What’s better than baking your very own birthday cake or birthday cup cakes! Nothing will say ‘I love you’ more than an uneven cake with not enough room for all the candles, and slightly wibbly icing.


3) Daffodils


You know spring has sprung when the daffodils come out! And I’ve spotted the fist few popping up all over the place in London. They are my favourite flower and can only bring a smile to my face. A bargain at normally £1 a bunch in florists and supermarkets, the humble daffodil is a perfect, calorie free way, to brighten up your day. Go and buy some while you can!


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