Adventure #1: abandoned Christmas trees and a package holiday.

5 01 2011

Welcome to January everyone! Happy New Year to you all. Hands up who has got the January blues already? Mine is definitely brewing nicely. According to my terribly bad counting skills I think today is the 12th day of Christmas (it might be tomorrow), which means if you leave your decorations up any later than this day it will bring you bad luck for the rest of the year. Being very superstitious myself, last night I promptly took all the decorations off our little tree and packed them all away in their boxes ready for a nice long sleep. Jealousy suddenly came over me, and I wanted to be packed away in a nice little box until the festive season, ready to come out gleaming and to be admired by onlookers. Then I realised my January blues may be further advanced than I had first thought, as I’m sure being jealous of a Christmas decoration isn’t entirely normal…

Now, what to do with poor little naked Christmas tree? It wasn’t long ago I had such affection for it, and now I’m preparing to get rid of it. Poor little thing. Aren’t I lucky that Southwark council will take Christmas trees away with the garden waste collection! Excellent news. There is nothing more depressing than walking down your residential street on your way home after work, witnessing naked and withered abandoned Christmas trees lining the street, screaming at you CHRISTMAS IS OVER AND THE NEXT ONE ISN’T FOR AGES. Let’s hope I’ve interpreted the rather confusing council website correctly, and our little tree gets collected tomorrow for a trip to pine tree heaven, rather than abandoned tree hell. I’ll let you know what happens.

This year the terribly clever mathematicians have calculated that ‘Blue Monday’ this year will be 24 January.  19 days to go till we can all get on to thinking about even more depressing things, such as bloody Valentines day… sigh. So, in a super effort to beat the blues this year, for the first time ever we’re (boyfriend and I) are going on a last-minute, all-inclusive, package holiday!

Fancy a stroll along here? Yes please!

Just to make you all horribly jealous (but please keep reading…) we’re off to the Dominican Republic for a week! I can’t WAIT. Although, the package holiday has got off to a not so promising start… put it this way, I’m not staying where I originally wanted, or going on the dates I requested, I’m flying from Birmingham airport (!), and I’ve spoken to Rob from customer services so many times in 24 hours he now knows I’m a Pisces and my favourite hobby is eating out, and I know Rob is single living in Newcastle, and thinks he might be gay (but his parents don’t know). However, I’m a lucky girl to be going away for a week, so I keep looking at this picture and asking myself, ‘how bad can it be?’. I hope you’ll be looking forward to the post holiday write-up of the adventure? Can hamsters swim? How many cocktails can they drink in a row? The suspense is already killing me.

From where I’m sitting I can see the little Christmas tree all alone and cold outside in the rain… If it had eyes they would be puppy dogged shaped. I’m off to go and close the blinds before I go outside, bring it back in, and redecorate it ready for next year.