Adventure #5: olympic tickets and peanut.

27 04 2011

Have you been gripped by Olympic fever? In a nut shell, I would say… nah not really. I mean, I did get a bit excited when I saw the countdown clock in Trafalgar Square one day when I went past it on the bus, but then I realised that really it’s just a digital clock… and my buzz wore off. This weekend, in a haze of bank holiday weekend boredom (week before pay day black hole and boyfriend working), I decided that actually I was gripped by some 2012 excitement and that I did in fact want to go, so I ventured onto the very orange and asymmetric looking Olympic website.

What is the difference between rhythmic and artistic gymnastics? What is the 10m spring board dive? All I wanted to know was which button press to see Tom Daley and Zara Phillips win a gold medal. I was always told you’ve got to be in it to win it, so I dived in filling up my basket to see the ponies in Greenwich Park, and the half naked men in the ‘aquatics’ centre, and to see how many times they manage to get a London Bus into the opening ceremony. I then looked at the total and it came out at £766… Was this normal? Does everyone just put in for loads – as for some reason I just assumed they would be ludicrously oversubscribed. Failing my rational mind, and fear of not being able to pay the rent should I win all my tickets, I quickly rang my Dad and asked what he would do, to which he responded ‘I’d call my Dad and ask him pay for them – which is what you’ve just done isn’t it?’

Watching BBC Breakfast this morning they described the aftermath of the ticket lottery system as an ‘Olympic Ticket Hangover’ which is the best way to describe it – It was fun at the time but the morning after it’s all a bit fuzzy and a nervous panic about what you actually did starts to set in.  I was greatly soothed by ‘Mary’ a fellow Olympic enthusiast, who has applied for £22,000 pounds worth of tickets.

Do you think the ticketing system for 2012 will win an award? It has so many plus points, like having to buy your tickets nearly a year in advance, you can only pay with a visa card, you get charged for your tickets and then there’s a 2 week wait till you find out what tickets you’ve actually won. Sound good? But don’t worry, the best bit is, if you want to sell you tickets back you can – just not until the buyback portal opens… sometime in January 2012. Lucky 2012 Olympic people who have millions of pounds of our money sitting in a bank earning interest for 6 months. Do you think that’s for the finishing touches to the car park?

Is it wrong that when it comes to the Olympics, I’m actually dreading it, and that all I can think about is that it’s going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE getting to work for the whole period?  Is it true they are dedicating a WHOLE LANE of London to travelling Olympic athletes and officials? All I can see is a whole month of MASSIVE commuter rage.

If you haven’t heard of the BBC Four TV comedy Twenty Twelve, you are missing out. It’s a spoof documentary about the ‘deliverance’ committee for the 2012 games and it’s brilliant. Here’s a clip from the first episode.

In other news I’ve only gone and got myself a little hamster! Boyfriend and I are now proud parents of a little baby girl hamster called Peanut. We named her Peanut for 2 reasons – 1) Boyfriend wouldn’t allow any cheesy girl names 2) she’s NUTS! If there was a hamster Olympics she would definitely be representing the UK in the climbing category (if there was one). After chewing her way out of the box on the journey home from the pet shop – we knew she was going to be a character…

Now, a Hamster Olympic Games Opening Ceremony – that I would pay to see.